So we are mixing it up again for this month, we would like to acknowledge these two wonderful ‘gents’ and congratulate them both on their amazing ‘team-work’, excellent ‘frying skills’ and their continued ‘commitment’ to both the Takeaway and Restaurant.

We would like to shine acknowledgement on these two wonderful human beings and that is Chris Oliver (Assistant Manager) and Ollie Shields (Fryer) – for their amazing team-work and excellent frying/management skills over the Easter period have been truly fantastic.  Between the two gents they collectively have over 11 years of frying experience and over what has been a busy Easter period their frying skills and commitment to us as a business, and as a family, have shone through.

Thank you guys for your continued hard-work, your amazing personalities and for striving through on those busy days – you are both truly amazing and with your individual quirks, we wouldn’t have you both any other way.

Congratulations and a huge ‘Well Done’ xxx